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Drag VooPoo it one of the most successful mods vape ever made, so it is not surprising that the Chinese company has decided to come out with version 2. If there are, they really take their time, while other manufacturers rushed second version only capitalize on the popularity of the first. Anyway, VooPoo slipped just 2 retains the same aspects of the original and chips Gene same fast cooking that make success, but it also has many design improvements bit which makes it more ergonomic, as well as the mode of FIT new that is supposed to protect the atomizer you and give you the type of vaping the experience you want. So, let’s check out Drag VooPoo 2:
A look at the content
For some reason, rectangular cardboard box kit slipped 2 VooPoo provided an indication of the function is not clear that the actual mod version 2, instead of the original slide. It just says “DRAG” in front of the box, while the rear package including a table of contents, warnings and information about the company is legally required. Fortunately, mod listed as “Slide 2” on the content, but it is literally the only way to find out which version is in the box. It’s not a big deal, but I find it strange that VooPoo not slap a big “2” on the hype only packaging for their new devices.

In the box, we have a new mod Drag box 2 is placed in the support of polystyrene foam, and under that we have a second compartment containing a micro-USB cable that is included for charging, as well as sub-ohm reservoir T2 VooPoo UForce two different head coil ( pre-installed in the tank), a glass section to the reservoir reserves, and black envelope that contains the instructions for use from both the model and the tank, warranty card and a small card that reads “Gene Chip was born a fever.” This seems to be sick …
This is a great kit, but if you want to mod VooPoo Drag 2, I’m sure you can find it as a stand alone, at a lower price.

Design and Build Quality
It’s no secret that when he left in early 2017, the initial friction basically blew all contenders with fire when accelerating fast and quick, but certainly not a vaporizer ergonomic mod ever made. This is a classic case mod with very sharp edges and corners, and you can really feel digging into the palm when held. This defect has been overlooked by most users only for mod impressive performance, but it’s still something you need and what VooPoo fixing slide 2.

The new version of the track is not just a little smaller corner and a little more rounded than the original, but the edges are rounded and chamfered this time, which makes it very comfortable to hold in hand. The difference between the two versions in terms of ergonomics is very large, so if you do not like the way the first slide feels in your hand, you’ll probably love the slides 2 more.
Drag the connection 510 of the first VooPoo located far from the shore, while on the street 2, which was moved to the center, although I would not call focused because actually outside the center, so that all reason. However, it was an improvement over the first, and can easily accommodate up to 25 mm without atomizers false. Technically, even in the form of 26mm well, even if they fall directly on the chamfered edges of the model that makes it look like he had a bit of trouble, even if it does not technically. I say stick to 25 mm, just to be sure.

While the connection location 510 is set, so VooPoo ball fell when he decided to go for a superior connection making a flush with the Ministry of Defense. I understand they want to prevent accidental scratches devices, and we see the slightly raised before connecting plate, but it was too high, and atomizer is used, there is still a big gap. Obviously this means does not affect the performance of the machine at all, but if you care about aesthetics, this will annoy the heck out of you.
Pull the control panel 2 is very similar to the original appeal VooPoo. We’ve rounded up the same key fire and a bit hidden, rectangle OLED and the screen size is decent button, two small metal “+” – and the micro USB port on the bottom of very clicky the “” fire button and inches perfect, but this screen a bit disappointing at the least compared to other modern vaporizer mods. First, lower than I like, and it is blank this day in age feeling overwhelmed and black. Compared to the big screen and dynamic as Draco mods or Modefined Smoant Naboo, he looked tired.

The door of the magnetic drum 2 has a “drag” large knife also mark the original version and is held in place by a pair of magnets. However, unlike the door original song, which entered the mod and hesitates at all, it was a bit high and some movement, both up and down and side to another. This is not a deal breaker, in fact, I do not think most people realize flicker, but I VooPoo should have stuck with the original design, because it is better.
The battery compartment is fairly standard, two trays of 18650 with clear indicators polarity and contact spring at the top. It also has a textile web to help remove the battery easier.

In front of the battery door, we have a resin panel. It is available in different models, but unfortunately it can not be removed. Once you buy the mod, which is stuck with resin models. VooPoo desire is to place the panels are exchanged; It would be a smart business decision because it could be sold separately, that will create the most customized mod. However, the panel fixed to the resin least it feels high quality. It is soft to the touch and has no scratches or other imperfections.
In general, Tarik VooPoo 2 has many improvements from the first version, but keep the same appearance of the icon. It is more ergonomic, compact and has a centering connection (almost). However, it has its own shortcomings. 510 connection is higher than it should be, in my opinion, at least, the battery cover a bit wobbly, and the black and white screen does not feel so far away. So I would say better than the original resistance, but there is still room for improvement.

The Menu System and Navigation
If you are familiar with the original menu and navigation VooPoo Drag, you are more likely to get the hang of the slide 2 in a short period of time. Most of the same combination of buttons, a version of the system submenu is almost identical to the slide, and the design of the menu screen is also very similar.
Drag the main menu 2 vaporizer mod allows you to scroll through the different modes by pressing the button three times quickly shoot. Unfortunately, the manufacturer has decided to make the latest and most confusing of this device, which first appeared on the screen. the method of “setting” is called and basically offers three different configurations to meet the needs Vapers. You can use the “+” sign and – to scroll through the three configurations, and you do not need a “confirmation”; Once the cursor is placed in one of them, which is already activated.

According to the first configuration described as a battery saver. Cold steam vaporizer offers and products being but extends the time you can use a mod before recharging the battery. The second option seems Fit is designed to improve the taste, but I’m personally a little confused about how he was able to do. In this mode, you get more power in the battery saving setting, but this mod is not as fast triggers usually they are not. The third configuration is all about the production of steam; mod lamp and super fast ramp up is impressive.
I think the FIT mode is a nice addition, but what I’ve done VooPoo a very poor job of explaining what to do and how. There is little mention in the manual and information on the VooPoo market place, especially significant with very little information. I could find some information about three configurations on Reddit, but still do not know how fashion. Do read the resistance of the atomizer and uses an algorithm to adjust the output power? It is only UFOrce battery operated or can be used to spray? Hopefully the company will provide the answers to these questions soon.

A Pressing the shutter button three times in the FIT will lead to the menu mode climate control. Here, you are presented with the usual choice – stainless steel, nickel and titanium. You can scroll with the “+” sign and – keys and confirm with fire “” button. A Pressing the shutter button three times again, return to the default mode, the power mode.
A the same as the original, Drag, Drag secondary 2 Menu access keeping the “+” and – the button is pressed for a few seconds ”. In any way using (mode of power or temperature control), it will be presented with different parameters.
In the power mode, the first icon is the “W” which acts as the “back” and bring it back in the power mode. Then you have the memory mode. Selecting this icon with the shutter button will take you to the memory mode most recently used. There is a fire mode memory adjustable, and you can scroll through them with the adjustment buttons. While one of the five memory modes, you can enter a power curve for each shot as pressing the button four times. the power curve can be adjusted for the first five seconds after pressing the shutter button, in increments of 0.5 seconds.

The next option in the submenu is “SN”, where you can check the serial number of your mod, and finally “View.” Where you can check the firmware version installed.
The options are slightly different, while the temperature control or one of the memory modes. You have the “Ω” where you can adjust the power sprayer, although I do not suggest you do so. mod that can be read quite a lot of resistance, then I suggest you do not play with this arrangement. There are also icons Fahrenheit where you can adjust the temperature coefficient for any temperature. control coil is compatible with the hardware are made.
An important thing to note for all fans of temperature control to adjust the power, just press the shutter button four times in this way, and see the power icon flashes on the screen. Then use the “+” sign and – for the power set ‘. ”

combinations of the same key as the original Drag. A Pressing the fire button and the “-” is the meaning of the screen to invest, while the button is pressed button button and shoot “+” to block all mod. To open, simply press the same button.
It was all there in the sliding menu 2. It is very similar to the first version, with the addition of FIT mode and measured power curve. There is also a lack of voltage mode, which is available in the original Drag, but I heard it plans to add another VooPoo with a firmware update.
The screen has been slightly modified and now is an icon for 18650 battery life, and there is also a timer and a cloud of subparameters. Unfortunately, the screen is as bright as it was in the original track, and there is no way to adjust the brightness directly from the menu of mod.

Battery Performance and Life
A battery mod just like other external vaporizer, estimated battery life Street VooPoo 2 practically impossible. It depends on what you have attached to the power output capacity of 18,650 batteries, and last but not least, how to use it. I have personally used mine almost exclusively in the power mode to 65W with tank T2 UFOrce included, and get about 8 hours of use out of it. I use a Sony battery VTC5a, indeed. It was worth it, and more or less at the same level as most mods dual battery set I had in the last month.
However, if you exit without battery backup and are looking to save battery, FIT 2 pull mode can help you do. Leave it in position “1”, and would in theory save energy. Now this is a very heavy cost. You will get a lot colder than usual vaporizer, which will have an impact on the intensity of flavor and steam generation as well, but in a situation where you do not have extra batteries on hand or other means to load a mod, it is worth considering options.

What he makes VooPoo very popular original path responsive. It is removed as soon as the shutter button and the ramp-up very quickly also suppressed. Back in early 2017, when the resistance is outside, scrolling speed is almost the same, especially in the affordable category. He blew away the competition and rivals are forced to come up with better equipment, more reactive.
Things are a little different now, and like most mods fire forward as fast as friction, so the new version does not seem as impressive as its predecessor, because speed alone will not help themselves stand out easily. However, it can benefit from the reputation of original appeal and the resulting chip-known genes. Drag 2 is powered by a new version of a gene chip that will help these fires and increasing even faster than the first slide VooPoo Vmate mod, though I doubt that most users even notice the difference without using sensitive measuring equipment. Both are very sensitive, so if that is what you are asking, I can confirm that the pull 2 ​​is at least as fast as its predecessor.

Drag VooPoo 2 also has a peak output power of 177W, 20W, which is more than 1 drag but still less than most dual-18650 mods. Personally, I really do not mind a slight increase in power, because they never vape approaching that level anyway, and I do not know anyone else who did well. But if the 157W genuine feel left wan’t enough, you’ll probably enjoy it more than my hump.
FIT mode is a nice feature, especially for vapers only advanced mods, offers three different configurations to save battery life, improve the taste and vapor production. If you do not know how to configure your mod for vaping experience you want, mode pressure setting can be useful. However, VooPoo really have to explain exactly how it works, because now we do not know a lot of respect.

I do not use slides 2 temperature control mode, because I’m not interested in that. I remember the original temperature. Control, but this does not affect their success at all, so I think vapers interested in this second version does not really care about the temperature. control performance.

Tank T2 UFOrce
It proved a long think, so I do not go into too much detail on the bottle T2 UFOrce included in this kit. This is a secondary reservoir ohm diameter 24.5 mm, with a capacity of 5 ml. However VooPoo offers a variety of compatible glass section, which can reduce or increase the capacity of an impressive 2 ml 8 ml.

Perhaps the most impressive in Q2 tank UFOrce are various head coil available. I remember receiving UFOrce tank T1 only a few months, but unfortunately never had time to use it and take the tests; I think some of the coil is released to also be compatible with the version T2. Now, VooPoo list of sites of no less than 10 different heads of winders for the tank, with more to be released in the near future. So if you are looking for something that is highly customizable, it really worthy of your consideration.
VooPoo UFOrce T2 tank is equipped with two winding heads – double coil U2 and N3 three points – and part of the right glass for a reservation if not like a glass bubble 5ml. I just head coil N3 is used as I am about just using mesh coil head today, and I can say that this is one of the best I’ve had. As expected, the taste of the coil header is really amazing bat. do not even need to go, and that the three coils mesh on the narrow side, injecting a bit restricted lung is obtained, as I like.

I hope to try some of the other heads of the coil supported in the near future, but so far, the three N3 coil mesh made a very strong impression on me. I would say it is up to the head of the triple helix freemax Malla Pro.

Drag VooPoo 2 is a definite improvement over the original version. It is much more ergonomic, 510 connections, though biased, is superior to the old, and the small size makes it easier to carry and store in your pocket. A slight increase in power is sure to please hunters cloud so crazy to vaporizer 177W, and the new FIT mode is a nice addition, especially for beginners.

That said, Drag 2 is certainly not perfect. The survey of 510 sheets of connecting a large gap between the MoD and the use of spray with it, the battery cover a bit wobbly, and looks old-fashioned black and white screen. I really hope the beautiful resin panel exchanged, otherwise miss. However, the slide-2 while impressive weapons and power than the original increase, so if you are looking for a new version of one of the most popular mods ever vape fact, Drag VooPoo 2 is a solid purchase.
The VooPoo Drag me 2 sent by VooPoo purpose of this review.

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