Vapes, starting from 0 novice smokers will look at the village level 1! Under the age of 18, and players do not enter!
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Smoking is like rape! Cool to bear the cost, and the other is innocent victims! Vape is your aircraft cup! Security solve your personal problem!

Wells electronic smoke what? And in simple terms, is a kind of low power low voltage micro electronics, the different tastes of smoke oil by heating to spray mist! # success vape to quit smoking? vape to quit smoking is to use nicotine replacement therapy, even the highest concentration of nicotine content in oil of smoke and only a third of ordinary cigarettes, then gradually decreased, so it can gradually from dependence on vape produces. However, smoking is like a ring lu! You also need to have a healthy mentality, and the strong man DuanWan determination! To be snow ray.

# why use vape to quit smoking? # in simple terms, in order to cool! Said, just quit the male god, after all, only a few. When most people quit smoking indecision, deeply grieved! Some people are wife held a knife to the neck threat, some people were forced condition, of course also someone is the highest-ranking determination and had no longer hurt yourself! Cigarettes have three addiction, however, nicotine addiction, hand addiction and addiction! The habit of pulling and faint anxiety when psychological comfort! These two addiction is much more difficult than nicotine addiction to quit! Vape allows you to their addiction and addiction, and then quit you nicotine addiction! What do you think you is a cigarette? Not, you smoke is lonely (steam)! The most important thing is: steam disappear for a few seconds, no second-hand smoke! Need to ray and security vape? # British health organization report: vape harm than cigarettes to reduce as much as 95%! Smoking is addictive nicotine, harmful and carcinogenic tar, nitrosamines, carbon monoxide and other! And electronic smoke, are not! Smoking can have bad breath, tooth yellow even black, and yellow hand! But the vape, will not! The vape is sweet sweet oh ~ don’t burn oh ~Since smoking vapes, never being QinQinDe away! So the question comes, smoke oil is the most important thing! You are just vapes new village, a small white, promise me, first clear vapes again in order to smoke oil? Need to be # I can smoke vapes? # first, swear to the red scarf, please you have full 18 one full year of life! If you are a heavy smoker if you are a heavy smoker try to quit smoking if you are a group has already killed all conditions of heavy smoker if your body is already out of the situation of heavy smoker if you are a healthy heart undead heavy smoker come on, baby! Be you! And, of course, part of the player! Their smoking way, let others go pack to force! Ray # I should choose what kind of vapes and equipment? # on the market of vape is multifarious, but plus ca change.Constitute the three main parts: the battery, cloud, smoke bombs and accessories (charger, etc.) type mainly has four kinds: the simulation vapes, ego sets, mechanical simulation vape smoke rod, regulating suits: atomizer and smoke bomb is combined of disposable atomizer smoke bombs, do not need to install smoke oil, built-in battery, the using time is shorter, smoke slightly smaller and do not adjust the volume of smoke. Advantages: low profile and convenient! Lazy and rookie like, and Hollywood stars.

Male god elder brother need a low profile in public, pick up hot chicks on vacation pumping pressure regulating box cough up ~ EGO kit: exquisitely beautiful, with small capacity atomizer, need to manually fill oil smoke, usb charging, smoke volume of medium, consumables for smoke oil and atomizing core. Most advantage is: cost, the best choice of the novice players start!

: mechanical smoke rod bulky appearance, simple structure, no internal circuit. Usually with large capacity low resistance atomizer or drip cloud of DIY, need to manually fill oil smoke. The buyer should bring along their own batteries, generally is 18650, need to take out the battery, consumables for smoke fluid, atomizing core and batteries. Advantages are: belong to fry the appearance of the day and big smoke! Novice players and enthusiasts love big smoke, silently into the! Regulating suits: delicate and beautiful appearance, both the safety of the EGO cigarettes and mechanical smoke rod of high power characteristics, mechanical waste as well as with large capacity and low resistance atomization of or DIY drops of oil atomizer, manual filling and oil smoke, own 18650 batteries, etc. Merit is: can adjust voltage or power, so can the big smoke, also can adjust the taste! Is the advanced players of the big smoke, selection of enthusiasts! Novice is the local tyrants, can also be sex! Need to need to need to be well how vape equipment pick? # smoke: structure design of the whole vapes, air inlet, air flow channel. Excellent vape design can guarantee the smoke volume is larger, then can guarantee the quantity of smoke is stable. Atomizer: atomizer is the key component of vapes, outstanding atomizer has the outside heat wire diameter, has the characteristic of steel ring protection, average width is about 5 mm in the atomizer can guarantee good out of the smoke. Battery life: associated with atomizer, liquid atomization requires a lot of energy, so the length of the battery life is a measure of an vape is good. Appearance: humans are judge a person by his appearance, the outward appearance sense relaxed, rigorous design, exquisite workmanship vapes, feast for the eyes to successfully quit smoking. Taste: is determined by smoke oil mainly by tobacco, fruits and herbal taste! Tobacco is generally copy existing cigarette taste, such as Chinese, yuxi, tradition such as marlboro cigarettes. There are many fruit flavors, such as apples, essence, orange, lemon, strawberry, watermelon, etc. Herbal flavor is the smell of grass plants, such as mint, vanilla and licorice flavors.

Careful tip: tobacco smoke oil is unlikely to be the same taste, beware of be fool!!! Is the world’s production of origin: shenzhen vape production base, products are mainly exported to Europe and the United States. Later, of course, the European and American countries, there is some brands. Wenzhou products, mostly USES the family workshop production, is take the low line. Editing the sincerity to recommend, vapes, this product is to the entrance, don’t just look at the price, more carefully choose a big brand! At present domestic mainstream vape brand: (in no particular order) 1. Aspire — one of the most popular vape brands abroad 2. Kimree him – the first vape companies listed 3 in the United States.Such as a – security electronic experts, mainly simulation vape 4. Kang Cheng yipin – healthy environmental protection professional vapes, also is give priority to with the simulation vapes 5. The inventor of the new appropriate kang vapes – many technology, such as regulating technology 6. Dark horse SMOK – the vapes, constantly updating and JOYETECH – huang yue, Eleaf – love monk, kangertech – Kang Er, SMOK, monk, Cloupor – g peng, Greenleaf – green spit, sigelei – gray, kamry, etc. To ray of level 1 of the popular science small classroom was temporarily here! Have a full level as soon as possible! Tomorrow continue to advanced class – smoke oil

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