Vapeciga Review – The SMOK Novo, SMOK Novo X, and SMOK Novo X Vapeciga Mods
By: Date: 2022-01-21 Categories: Vapor area

The SMOK Novo is an upgraded version of the original novo. This mod is capable of producing more vapor and has a more advanced atomizer, as well as being compatible with the older novo pods. It also comes with a built-in micro-USB charging port so you can charge it without a USB cable. This mod is easy to use and maintain and provides great vaping performance.

smok novo

The SMOK NOVO has a small size, but it delivers higher wattage. The SMOK Novo comes with a two-mL capacity pod and requires a few puffs to fire. Its smaller size and improved battery life make it ideal for traveling, as it is compatible with old novo pods. The SMOK Novo has a half-inch screen that shows you how many puffs you’ve taken and the power output. The SMOK Novo is powered by a single 18650 battery, and is compatible with the older novo pods.

The Smok Novo X is an updated version of the original novo. It offers improved battery life and is compatible with old novo pods. It comes with a half-inch display that displays the puff count and power output. It can recharge to a full capacity in an hour. The battery is removable and replaceable, so you can use it even while charging. It also has a micro-USB charging port that is easy to find and use.

The SMOK Novo is one of the easiest vapes to use. It is convenient and easy to use, and comes with a two-ml pod system for storing a variety of e-liquids. It features adjustable power from one to 25 watts and is compatible with the older novo pods. It is compact and easy to carry around, making it the perfect vape for office or travel.

The SMOK Novo X is an upgraded version of the novo and comes with a half-inch touchscreen and upgraded atomizer. It is compatible with all novo pods and has an OLED display that displays the power output and puff count. The novo X is capable of charging up to 25w, and has a removable atomizer. It is easy to refill, and you can change batteries at any time.

The SMOK Novo is a pod-style device that lacks advanced features like variable wattage and customizable TCR settings. However, it still has some impressive built-in protections to prevent short circuiting and prolonging the life of the device. As with all e-liquid, it is recommended to experiment with the strengths of the device before buying. The SMOK Novo has a long battery life and is rechargeable in just an hour.

The SMOK Novo is a popular vape pen that has a modest capacity of 2ml. Despite this, the SMOK NOVO is compatible with older novo pods and has a convenient charging function. The battery charges up to 25w within one hour, and the LED on the device turns red for that time. Moreover, the battery recharges quickly, and the micro-USB cable is long enough to charge it while you use it.