The Uwell Caliburn Review
By: Date: 2020-07-10 Categories: Vapor area


The Caliburn is one last pod out kit style Well load. I heard a lot about this device because it has a charging station, I thought it was worth a try if you ordered one of the sites VAPE the UK. It is released in Ireland so I can see, but I see no reason why they will not!


  • Pen Style 520mAh Battery
  • Refillable 2ml pods
  • Mouth to Lung
  • Automatic or Push draw fire
  • Constant 11W vape


I use this product during the last two weeks, deadly against competitors (Aspire Spryte, Smok North) and I can honestly say Well did a fantastic job.

To begin with professionals, these small devices have a very strong attraction and tasty and can be activated by the shutter button or automatically draw (as Juul). He has good airflow and allows a vaporizer to produce thick. The design is also very slim and comes in a beautiful range of colors (I own both gray and pink). pod design is an integral part of refills and mouth of the container to enjoy the experience as simple and can bring 2ml of liquid. Uwell Zumwalt pod system

To vaporizer itself, it is too loose or too limited for my taste. It’s really amazing how flavors emerging from this small device pleasant guy who did not really expect at all. It has a battery life that is decent if the VAPE chain (about 4 hours) and does not take more than an hour to complete full again. I really like the pod system itself, as it serves as the spokesman and the tank-like Orion Quest or Aspire Spryte. It is also very lightweight and can easily fit in a pants pocket without much trouble. Finally, the car itself seems to last long enough (I have mine yet change at all)

As for going negative, and if I’m really honest – it’s like complaining about the size of the cupholders in the Ferrari. In fact, not many downsides to using Caliburn at all, except that sometimes depends on the juice, you can spit and floods easily. Moreover, the lifespan of the battery is large considering the size, but if you tend to use the machine and can not be easily filled, you can buy two so you can get full use.



  • Refillable 2ml pods
  • Easy to use design
  • Pod magnetises to the body
  • Rich flavor
  • Small but sleek design


  • Sometimes it spits depending on the juice
  • Battery life isn’t great if you want to chain vape
  • Some of the competitor products allow for the coil to be changed


I feel a certain extent, I underestimated the size of this device was. I recommend it as an average daily volume for anyone fed up Juul or similar devices, but do not want to engage in a full-size tub + mod. I owe him a personal attachment because it was the only device that has used me so he felt it was a suitable substitute for cigarettes and is now 1 week without equal! Overall, this is a fantastic little device, in my opinion, the absolute best POD market currently. I used it back to back with Smok North and Northeast while allowing a good spray DTL, MTL in Caliburn is the undisputed leader. Uwell Caliburn KOKO Pod Cartridge

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