The SMOK NOVO Vapeciga
By: Date: 2022-03-18 Categories: Vapor area

The SMOK NOVO is an ultra-portable e-cig with a 2mL pod capacity. It is easy to clean and comes with a touch screen for adjusting settings. The battery is also a large 650mAh with a 0.5-ml capacity, which is enough for up to 200 puffs. The SMOK NOVO also features a micro-USB port for charging and refillable pods that can be changed easily and quickly.

smok novo

The SMOK NOVO uses a 450mAh battery that charges in an hour. To charge it, you must plug it into the wall or to a computer. The SMOK NOVO has a 3.5mm micro-USB connector and backward compatibility with older novo pods. For convenience, the SMOK NOVO is backwards-compatible with novo pods that use standard 510-connectors.

The SMOK NOVO is a great starter vaporizer due to its ease of use and large battery capacity. Its ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold and use and its 0.5-ml capacity makes it ideal for newbies and seasoned vapers alike. Moreover, the SMOK NOVO is backwards compatible with older novo pods and novo mods. However, the SMOK NOVO has some cons, and the most important one is that it is not as convenient as it looks.

While it is a convenient e-cigarette for newbies, it is not without its drawbacks. The SMOK Novo isn’t particularly portable, but it is a very good starter vape, thanks to its large capacity and lightweight, portable design. The SMOK NOVO‘s dual battery system is ideal for frequent vapers, as it allows you to recharge the device without interrupting your vaping session. The SMOK NOVO has a built-in wattage boost of 25 and a color display. The SMOK Novo X is a more advanced version of the novo and has a full-color screen, enlarged battery, and USB type-C port.

The SMOK Novo is a popular choice among newbie vapers. Its compact design and large capacity make it easy to carry around. Its LCD screen shows the number of puffs and battery life, while it is backwards compatible with the novo pods. It has a USB-C port and is compatible with older and new novo pods. The SMOK Novo is easy to use, and it’s portable.

The SMOK Novo has a dual battery system and is easy to use. Its large screen is easy to use and is compatible with most novo pods. It is not a beginner’s e-cigarette, as it’s aimed at advanced vapors. The SMOK Novo X is also backward compatible with previous novo pods. Its large capacity and convenient design make it an excellent choice for seasoned vapors.

The SMOK NOVO has a 510 connector so it is compatible with most devices. It also has a built-in micro-USB charger. It can be charged in just one hour. It is also backwards compatible with the novo pods. The SMOK NOVO X has a larger battery and dual-mode functionality. It is the perfect vape for a beginner as it has a compact body and is backwards-compatible.