SMOK RPM Lite VW Pod Mod Kit
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Here is a cheap bid Smok RPM Lite, the latest pod system a long list of features such as RMP40 and RPM80 RPM. RPM Lite has an internal battery 1250mAh, portability, adjustable from 40 watts, color TFT 0.96 inches, 3.2 ml capacity juice, RPM mesh coil, the coil MTL, and the choice of RBA. Must be sold in silver, bronze, blue, gold and red. Also, check out the new RPM160 Smok with a power of 160 watts variable.

RPM Lite Mod
With a 21 mm by 32 mm by 75 mm steps, mod RPM Lite also weighs only 50 grams for main portability. Therefore, it is much smaller than other platforms RPM systems, you are sure to notice when held in the hand or put in your pocket. However, the overall design is very similar to its predecessor, and therefore a choice of red, gold, blue, silver and bronze. You look at the side of the RPM Lite control a screen like other Smok devices. And the menu is displayed on a color theme and color can be adjusted in white, red, yellow, green, blue or pink. the battery data vape consists of a bar and percentage, output current, voltage, resistance atomizer today, the last shot, and the total number of puffs taken. You can press up / down to change the power output and parameters.
Under the hood, Smok RPM Lite was not disappointed. 1250mAh constructed with a battery for long periods of vape is recharged by connecting a micro USB port with the cable provided. Because the cell is strong enough, you can enjoy a long period of operation without frequent recharging. Unfortunately the electric mode is the only way to run Smok RPM Lite and powerful 40 watt adjusted in increments of 1 watt. And, this kit provides security measures to avoid potential risks, such as short circuit, low voltage, long bursts and high temperatures.

RPM Lite flavor terminals and coils properly 3.2ml
Built with a large reserve of 3.2 ml, peas Smok RPM Lite enough to produce more vape without the need for a continuous load. To add e-liquid, remove the container, remove the rubber plug side and add the vape juice through the cracks. Always attach by pressing gently on the back of the card in the slot and does not immediately take a puff. Wait 2 to 3 minutes, the cotton within the coil is completely saturated, which prevents dry intermittent or potential damage to the heating element.
Coils easily inserted into each cartridge 3.2 ml of the lower slot and receive RPM RPM Mesh 0.4ohm and 0.8ohm DC coil for purchase. The DC0.8ohm style word is vaping lung and two coils with a large surface area for rapid heating coils and extra saturation to provide excellent taste amazing 16 watts. Meanwhile, Mesh RPM works 0.4ohm 25 watt coil and produce exceptional taste the standard and liquid. There are also many optional coils Smok RPM Lite, including the RBA experienced vapers coil.

Smok RPM Lite offers

  • Kit mod sheath-shaped box
  • Mod Measurements: 32mm x 21mm x 75mm
  • Mod Weight: 50 g
  • Colors: red, gold, blue, bronze, silver
  • 0.96 “TFT
  • Set the theme color
  • IQ-R agglomerate
  • Celly internal 1250mAh
  • 1.2A USB port on the front control
  • overload voltage: 4.3V
  • voltage overdischarge: 2.4 V
  • 2.0A current overload risk
  • Charging voltage: 5V
  • Cartridge Replacement
  • capacity 4.3 ml
  • Side loading system
  • coil
  • Includes: RPM mesh 0.40ohm
  • Comprising: RPM 0.8ohm DC
  • adjustable power: 1W to 40W
  • Standby current: <140uA
  • the output voltage: 0.5 V to 4.0 V
  • Input voltage: 3.3 V to 4.2 V
  • Resistance Range: 0.3Ω-2.0Ω
  • security device
  • High temperature protection
  • low voltage protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • 8s protection

Packed Up
With the purchase, you receive the RPM Lite mod Smok Pod 3.2 ml, net RPM 0.4ohm coil winding continues MTL 0.8ohm ROM, USB charging cable and a manual.

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