Small But Extraordinary, SMOK New OSUB Mini E-cigarette on the market
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In today’s electronic cigarette product homogeneity is more and more serious, as players, we see the equipment is big big box, high power, smoke, it is hard to find a really needed for the life portable, simple and fashionable products. SMOK actively explore the domestic and foreign players to the new demand for the electronic cigarette products, pay attention to product research and development and user demand, the combination of divas launched a flagship mini electronic cigarettes, portable, fashion personality suits – OSUB mini dress. It broke the player straight to pursue the use of large size electronic cigarette equipment line, really do delicate, mini, portable electronic cigarette product, providing a variety of products to choose.

Delicate and cabinet body, the player pocket to be bestowed favor on newlyOSUB mini suit the fuselage with “small” do the acme, 19.5 x30.5 x75mm size of the battery box, with 19 x50mm size helmet clouds, in the hands grip the overall, equivalent to the size of a cigarette lighter, very delicate and cabinet, is the good partner of players traveling party.

Hidden lighter keys, humanized operation experienceOSUB mini lighter key learned SMOK listed H – hidden lighter Priv host keys before the excellent product design, using arc magnetic side cover large button design, open the magnetic side cover, is hidden in the arc ignition key contact under big keys. Players in the use of electronic cigarettes, need not deliberately to find hard to really take time to use the ignition key position is convenient and comfortable, according to the chain handle and operation is very human.

Although OSUB mini whole body is very small, but it is equipped with practical function is unambiguous. Host USES built-in battery design, 1200 mah capacity, can follow one’s inclinations to enjoy a party. The highest power output can reach 60 w, tie-in use 0.4 euro double twist core atomizer, also meet the players for the pursuit of smoke and taste.This product has multiple intelligent protection function, can prevent the potential danger, let us experience steam life easily.

U design of oil storage tank, atomizer spill the terminatorOSUB mini suit is equipped with a 19 mm helmet atomizer, totally enclosed design U oil storage tank, the perfect solved we encountered in the use of oil.At the top of the air intake system having a unique style, air flow adjustment holes around the top of the round, can according to need to adjust the air flow, achieve different inlet effect, optimization of smoke volume. Tie-in volcanic drip nozzle, v-shaped air pipes provide greater steam, meet the demand of the taste of most people.

OSUB mini suit as a SMOK group will be “small” to the maximum steam smoke suit, main cabinet and delicate mini fuselage, hidden lighter keys, a variety of practical protection function, choice of colorful appearance, tie-in levels in appearance and function as the helmet atomizer, let this mini dress really become a bright is dazzing rookie electronic cigarette market, the new favorite of steam smoke player pocket!

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