How to choose Vape atomizer?
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How to choose Vape atomizer? For novice players, it is still more difficult to choose a product that suits you and you like from the dazzling variety of Vape products. Also because of the wrong choice, some players gave up the use of Vape. As one of the most important equipment in Vape, the atomizer is the most important part of Vape selection.

The more popular atomizer products on the market are mainly divided into: finished product, DIY, taste type, smoke type, dripping atomizer. And each atomizer has its own characteristics and is suitable for different types of players. Therefore, as a novice player, the choice is not surprising.


How to choose Vape atomizer?

In fact, as a person who has recently entered the pit, the editor also found it difficult to choose at the beginning. However, it was later discovered that the so-called Adv Vape selection is just a matter of understanding needs and matching choices. As long as there are certain selection criteria, the choice is basically not a problem. For example, to determine where your goal is, do you want to replace cigarettes or play cigarettes? Because Vape can not only replace cigarettes, but also play. For example, a large smoke type product can produce enough smoke, can spit out all kinds of beautiful smok rings, and can play various special effects.

In terms of attributes, we can divide Vape into two types: taste type and large timesvape smoke type. Of course, there are also intermediate products that can take both taste and large smoke at the same time, but the relative effect is worse. The so-called mouthfeel type, the design goal of the atomizer is to give priority to taste. The inhalation method is mouth to lung. It is called mouth to lung in foreign countries. It can be inhaled by smoking. It is easy and effortless. The amount of smoke is larger than that of cigarettes. For finished mouthfeel atomizers, the resistance of the atomizer core is usually above 1 ohm. If you want to quit smoking instead of smoking, then the mouthfeel atomizer is your best choice.

The large smoke atomizer is also called sub ohm atomizer. Sub ohm means that the resistance of the atomizer core is below 1 ohm. It is mainly used for lung inhalation. When inhaling, it needs to be inhaled directly into the lungs and then from the nose and mouth. Squirting. However, with the needs of users, more and more users still choose mouth-feeling atomizers. The reason for the emergence of DIY atomizers is that in 14 years, the amount of smoke produced by popular products on the market was insufficient and the taste was not satisfactory. Therefore, some manufacturers directly provided original parts, which were assembled and adjusted by users. It’s just that the later atomizers have gradually been able to meet everyone’s needs, so except for those players who prefer personalization, everyone will mostly choose finished atomizers.

Therefore, the choice of OBS Vape at this stage is not difficult at all, and we only need to directly correspond to the relevant superior products after understanding the corresponding needs. In general, the selection process is not as difficult as we thought. Of course, if you want to have a good taste, you have to match the right smoke oil. In the following article, we will analyze it with you in detail.

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