Historically Best of Vape Part One
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Best Quad Battery Mods

365 Snow wolves – no change quad battery during the same period. It is a pity that can be stopped and the disintegration of the battery 4 mods him as the best of all time after the can. good control of the temperature, the amount of watts battery life is good. Easy to use and handle 30 mm without false nozzle Liasmo F4 – almost by default type. This is essentially a version of the four batteries Wyvern. Not the best, but the good player and could RTA 41mm without the use of false and why they are on the list. Now available

Best Triple Battery Mods

High End

Almost all DNA250 PM. Take your picture. Personally, I like MOTI One Pod System C3D1 – three atomizers 18,650 and 30 mm without a false grip. comfortable VT250s – 2 or 3 batteries DNA250 mod. I do not count Triad 250 250 or search engines, published in late 2016


Fined Mode prism – less weight than $ 50 to beat the value. Great unit for the power mode and temperature are built, robust, and simple and easy to use. They are not bells and whistles, but it works in a nice package. RTA also without grip 30mm false Vaptio N1 Pro – it does not work in battery mode 2, mode 3 Battery is one of the best players in the class mods that they had in 2017 mode curve in good control of temperature and power. Sigelei Fuchai Duo 3 – mod 2 or 3 batteries. I do not have a Battery Test mode 3, I will buy it before the mod-power mode is available, but the temperature control lever 30 mm solid atomizer bad


Best Dual battery mods non-VV mods

High End

SX Mini Class G – easily forgotten, because in February, but now it was over. color large screen, Bluetooth applications, temperature control, and performance. monetary system extension / 1-year warranty and one of the best on the various business models. mm even with low atomizers 30 without suspension in a small compact package HCigar VT250s – Yes, it makes both lists. He was twice the battery is the only DNA with a form factor that is “against” mod. Kodama increase Asmodus animals – a review is underway to do so. And it was expensive, but what you pay for is the view. Probably the best wood fire knife mod look date.ll compact package HCigar VT250s – made both lists. Double drum mod is the only “battle” form factor DNA. Kodama increase Asmodus animals – a review is underway to do so. And it was expensive, but what you pay for is the view. Perhaps the most beautiful MOJO Disposable Vape wooden bar I’ve seen so far has seen date.ll compact mod. wood HCigar VT250s – made both lists. As the double mod battery is the only factor DNA form “Battlestar”. Increased Kodama Asmodus little creatures – a review is underway for her. And it was expensive, but what you pay is the appearance. Perhaps the most beautiful Starwood mod I have seen to date.


Smoant Zylon – Notice this bad boy come in a few days. IMO built this version costs Class G. Good, good color screen 30mm friendly nebulizer and our strength comes Smoant expected Sirius mode fined – the evaporator is missing, create a new society, but also a beautiful 2 Mods in 2017. Sirius, the first and second easy to use mod built with good temperature control. Lack of certain features, such as the curve before the heat and electricity, but it is hard to complain Vaporesso Avenger X – I Vaporesso something that does not speak further in this position, but this model has everything you need and more. Anyway, you can imagine and excellence for energy and TC. He also focused on the pin 510 Nanotesla 120 – the aim being not as good as some of the mods on this list, but I thought it would be the idea from the start. TC leaves much to be desired and some complain that only 120 watts say it is a good weight reservoir was built, probably the best view of the body. If I had wanted to do more mods and power on / off. Aspire Skystar – examination should be this month vaping360. A fantastic result, it is wise to last silent scream and all publicly known means. nice touchpad pin 510. With much love in this mod centering

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